Efe Aydın
Istanbul, TR

Scoutium is a crowdsourced football scouting platform.

Big Data


Scoutium provides unique football player data for clubs. There is no data about players in amateur and academy leagues. Players can be analyzed and have a chance to reach clubs with their analyses and videos. Clubs can analyze players and teams from far away cities and countries, easily and low costly. Fans can affect football and earn money from analyses they make. Clubs cannot discover talented players and players cannot reach clubs through traditional methods. Only 150k of 50m players can become professional. Moreover, clubs pay one third of transfer fees to intermediaries like player agents or scouts. Also, scouting a player or a team in a different city or country is very costly using traditional methods. Scoutium creates a marketplace for clubs, players and fans of football. Scoutium enables clubs to discover hidden players and provide more information about them by enabling hundreds of fans to evaluate the players. Transfer market for football size is $60B worldwide. There are more than 50 million licensed football players and 1 million football clubs in the world. Scoutium creates a market potential of $34B as a consequence. Scoutium's revenue model is based on two customer types. Clubs and Football Professional can subscribe monthly; they can view player analyses, filter players, open tasks for scouts to analyze players and teams. Players can subscribe for free to view their own analyses and opening tasks for scouts to analyze themselves. Scoutium has more than 110000 scouts, who are football fans who evaluate football players; 4600 licensed football players, 350 clubs from amateur to professional levels and 20 football professionals.

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