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RentRovi is end to end property management systems.

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If you are a landlord, you can quickly and easily rent out your property with no effort, less expenses, in - 7 days average rent out - ‘find’ safe and secure tenant - financial guarantee ‘models’ - ‘get’ upfront annual rent - monthly rent guarantee We offer a 24/7 support servıce even after the rental process to help you through any problem you might have with your tenant and property. As a tenant, using verified information such as images, video, map and 360 view, provided on listings, you can rent online from wherever you are. For your first rental house, with our effordable commision fee and deposit-free models, save up to 50% on your expenses compare to traditional real-estate agents. We offer a 24/7 support service after the rental process for any problem you might encountered in your new home.

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