İstanbul, TR

Qumpara is a mobile application that provides users rewards

Digital Marketing, Machine Learning


"We developed Qumpara based on the problems we see in the world of commercial marketing and shopper marketing. We were especially aware of how tiring and costly traditional mechanisms are. Brands are trying to print promo-codes in their products, they have to develop production lines for this, sometimes scratch-cards are distributed from the cash register. Price cuts are effective, but unobtrusive on the shelf, and there's always a cheaper price, the brand can't get rid of this price competition once I've entered it. Despite all this effort and effort, the effectiveness of these traditional methods decreases every year. On the other hand, brands do not have enough information on the field about “who” the shoppers are. There can be different people who buy and consume a product. In order to understand the behavior in the purchasing decision and the way of purchasing, consumption brands are limited to the capabilities of the cash register and CRM systems of the markets and stores. We have developed Qumpara as a solution to all these problems. Qumpara is a mobile application that rewards consumers who take a photo of their shopping receipt and send it. Qumpara, which we launched the application in 2016, has become one of the most popular shopping reward programs in Turkey. Because Qumpara benefits not only the shopper, but all its stakeholders. Consumers; Earn rewards from your usual shopping very easily and quickly. This award can sometimes be cash, sometimes gift certificates from favorite brands. They can discover brands and products that suit their personal preferences. Brands; It can activate commercial marketing campaigns very quickly, almost in minutes. It can offer special benefits to targeted consumer groups by differentiating it. It dynamically monitors and manages the entire process and can retarget its shoppers.

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