Emre Yıldız
Istanbul, TR

Octopus allows to manage digital signages in all desired way

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence


Industrial displays come first in the problems in the field of Digital Signage. Industrial displays are quite expensive, the purchasing power needs to be high. Secondly, even if industrial displays are purchased, content management is a big problem, who will create/design the content of the brand/customer is quite problematic. Thirdly, after the industrial display is purchased, technical service has to go to each store, and this problem can even increase to a level higher than the cost of the display within a year. In the target audience, there is a great effort to solve these problems. First of all, it is difficult to buy industrial displays because they are quite expensive. This is very difficult for small businesses to afford. As Octopus, we aim to solve this problem by promising to work not only on industrial displays, but also on all Smart TVs and even on regular TV screens. In order for the target audience to achieve this on their own, they need to install their own software inside the normal screens. Apart from that, even if you have the screens, you still need to make an effort to create content. Creative agencies are needed to design the content. And finally, it is not possible for the target audience to escape from the technical service issue, because the installation of industrial displays requires technical service. For the installation of Octopus, it is enough to go to the Store, download Octopus and scan the QR code that appears on the screen, then the screens are open for management and use. Thanks to the image processing module, marketing and sales strategy is targeted by displaying content on the screen according to the age and gender of the target audience. It is a very valuable process for brands to prepare content suitable for their target audience and deliver it to the target in a very short time.

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