Merve Aydıner
Istanbul, TR

Smart textile startup collecting on-skin data

New Product Development


The wearable health technology market will reach $195 billion in 2027. Wearable technology products are manufactured using sensors that are not flexible with the human body. The lifetime of these products by the user is max. 6 months. We develop health-improving, inclusive technological clothing and wearable surfaces by producing sensors and analyzing data from textiles, the only material that the human body is in contact with 24/7. Fabenode, a textile electrode that collects data on the skin, was developed for innovative companies in healthcare, IoT, mobility, automotive, aerospace, space, AR/VR and gaming. Textile-based electrodes are a disruptive innovation for wearable hardware IoT products as they can do what IoT sensors can do, at lower cost, in a way that can be adapted to more interfaces. In the field of aviation, Fabenode is a new deep technology to increase the traceability of the teams with instant analysis of the health data of the pilot and technical crew, to ensure that this information can be used in case of an accident and solutions can be developed.

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