Kerem Deveci
İstanbul, TR

ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project.



"ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project, that transforms highways and railways into renewable energy sources by using the wind created by the vehicles. As well as natural wind is providing safety and comfort to the cities, thanks to build-in sensors and an intelligent platform, ENLIL is supplying renewable energy to highway lamps and signs. ENLIL will enable smart lighting systems to be installed on highways where unnecessary lighting will be turned off. Having said that, when the high way is not in use and to minimize that energy consume, we reduce the human impact to wildlife by preventing animals beings affected by the lights. ENLIL has 98% lower climate impact producing 2kWh of energy. Through ENLIL, the energy will be consumed at the locally, thus eliminating transmissions losses and increasing local power access equity ENLIL can also be used in residential areas that do not have access to electricity, so it will be a game changer for social good as well as economic and environmental benefits. ENLIL is the joint product of collaborations from different countries and different sectors to respond not only to economic concerns but also environmental and social problems. Lack of energy and the problems it brings are common problem of the world. Unlike production costs of renewable energy systems, transmission costs and complexity have not reduced over the last decade. Localized production via low-cost turbines can mitigate this issue; however, the required high-efficiency turbines are costly. These high-efficiency turbines cannot be mass-produced due to complex blade forms & scales. With our innovative blade structure suitable for mass production, our turbine can be widely distributed via rapid, low-cost manufacturing. This turbine is designed to function in a ""plug and play"" format, is easy to maintain & repair, can be installed promptly with little training, and is simplified to limit potential problems and optimize for various climatic condition

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