Yağmur Gömürlü
Istanbul, TR

Biriktir reduces carbon emissions using gamification.



Biriktir Platform (Biriktirapp and Admin Panel) is a social-impact startup that provides a gamified user experience for companies and individuals to track their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "Biriktir aims to create a clean environment by encouraging behavioral change to minimize waste generation and ensure proper waste disposal." Biriktir Mobile App aims to create green-collar employees by tracking recyclable waste and creating artificial intelligence-supported green habits to prevent carbon emissions (according to ISO14064-2) of employees and departments in companies. By ensuring that more than 650 thousand recyclable wastes are correctly sent to recycling points by our users throughout Türkiye in a year, we prevent carbon emissions and continue to reduce environmental impact. Recyclable plastics, glass, metals, paper, textiles, electronic wastes, vegetable oils and batteries are the wastes covered by the recycling task. We have been creating green-collar employees with our corporate company collaborations to date, and we enable the public to take action for the environment with our partnerships!

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